Galaxy friendly Driving
Best Driving School In Sydney

Best Driving School In Sydney

Over 10 Years of Experience

Over 10 Years of Experience

100s of Successful test conducted

100s of Successful test conducted

Guaranteed pass or its on us

Guaranteed pass or its on us

Sydney’s Award Winning Driving School

Our reassuring style sweeps away anxieties, eases frayed nerves, and lays the foundations for many years of safe driving.

Everyone loves driving. So why should learning to drive be any different? Not at Galaxy Driving School Sydney. Here, a lifetime of confident driving begins with your first hour at the wheel.

Rated as one of the best Sydney Driving School, we specialise in putting learner drivers – first-timers as well as people who’ve had bad experiences elsewhere – at their ease. If you’re feeling anxious about learning to drive, we’d love to convince you that driving tests and Sydney Driving traffic are not as intimidating as they seem. Our Galaxy Driving School Sydney instructors have helped hundreds of students pass their driving test or learn advanced driving techniques. If you’re looking for affordable driving lessons for both students and adults, there are a variety of options available to you.

Our Driving Lesson Packages

Package 1

$99 2 Hour
 Get a 1 Hour Pre-test  lesson –FREE

Package 2

$129 3 Hours
Get a 1 Hour Pre-test  lesson –FREE

Package 3

$199 5 Hours
Get a 1 Hour Pre-test  lesson –FREE

Package 4

$399 10 Hours
Get a 1 Hour Pre-test  lesson –FREE
  • Friendly, Patient and Professional
  • Qualified & Certified RMS Licensed Instructors
  • Over 20 Years of Experience
  • Excellent Communication
  • Working With Children Certificate
  • Customized Learning Driving Plans
  • Late Model Cars with Dual Control Breaks
  • Customize Your Package

Build A Foundation

  • Driver Preparations and Vehicle Control
  • Start Up and Shut Down Procedures
  • Moving Off and Stopping
  • Steering and Cornering
  • Roundabouts
  • Scanning
  • Reversing

Build Control

  • Simple Traffic
  • Parking
  • Complex Traffic
  • Changing Lanes
  • Multi-Lane Roundabouts

Build Confidence

  • Speed Management
  • Road Positioning
  • Decision Making and Gap Selection
  • Responding to Hazards
  • Driving at Night

Build Experience

Our instructors are experts in driving test preparation. They will help you to understand:

  • The skills you are expected to have in driving test
  • How you will be assessed and marked
  • You increase your chances of passing first time when you understand how the driving test works

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Our instructors are well qualified experienced professionals who teach defensive driving techniques, city driving as well as road and motorway driving with an extensive experiencing driving techniques

Galaxy friendly Driving

Why Choose Galaxy Driving School in Sydney

  • Best in class services with world-class training programs built to help you become a confident and skilled driver
  • High-rated, friendly and attentive driving instructors helping you make the most of each lesson
  • Our driving instructors utilise the best in class scholastic material with the most advanced techniques to impart the best training.
  • Our lessons and training programs are designed with a cost structure that matches every one in a feasible manner.
  • We train you not just to pass the driving test with flying colours but also to be able to drive confidently in all kinds of areas.

The Most Proficient Driving Lessons in Sydney to Help You Get Your License Easily

As a renowned driving school in Sydney, our professionals are there to help you not just ace your driving exams but also become a confident and safe driver with the necessary skillset. Our Experienced Driving Instructor Sydney leave no stone unturned in getting you there in a steady and comprehensive manner so you pick up the skills smoothly at your own pace. With convenient time slots, friendly instructors and efficient systems, you are definitely going to look forward to every next session in your driving lessons in Sydney.

Safe and Professional Driving Lessons in Sydney

At Galaxy Driving School Near me, our aim is to coach people in being drivers that are just as confident as safe in driving in all sort of situations. We have designed a holistic driver training program that is centred around the safest driving practices based on principles of space and sight. As you enrol yourself with Galaxy Driving you will be trained by the highest rated trainers with a wholesome training program that is built with precision along with the most premium services. Contact us for more details on our training modules and other things.

Teaching Safe Driving to Learners with Experienced Instructors 

The curriculum of our best driving lessons Sydney is vast and incorporates every practical knowledge along with rules and regulations in offering driving instruction. We diligently train our learners to not just pass their driving tests but also to be able to confidently drive on all types of terrains and kinds of conditions. You work steadily in a progressive fashion with your instructor to help get the best out of each lesson that you take with us. Our advanced tools, techniques and mannerisms of educating help you make the most out of your training program with affordable packages to help everyone avail the lessons easily.

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Why Choose Us

With experience we believe training should be tailored around an individual to ensure safer driving for life. We will always make sure our customers are happy and benefit from our valuable training.


How long will it take me to learn everything in driving?

Galaxy driving school is known for providing driving lessons on a customized level. Our professional teachers teach at a pace that is comfortable for the client. This makes the learning process more relaxing and enjoyable. We provide a great way to learn to drive efficiently from the very first lesson. Our goal is to teach our clients at their own pace and manage to educate them on all the crucial parts of driving.

What will be the right time to start learning to drive?

It is always advised to start learning as soon as possible. It is always a beneficial thing when one can handle the wheels and does not depend on anyone else for the commute. Galaxy driving school helps you learn driving skills for life. The license allows you to join driving schools and hence boost your confidence. We have a team of professional instructors, that guide and teach you all the basics of driving.

How to manage the lessons if one has a bad experience earlier?

We know the importance of previous experiences and how it can affect the future driving experience of a person. We value your time and trust in us and frame the teaching lessons to help you lower any possible anxiousness you had from a previous bad experience. Our team is friendly and cooperative with all the clients that smoothen the learning process.

When can I contact you to enquire about the lessons?

You can give us a call on 1800 754 174 and pencil a date to visit us to get an idea about the instructor, lessons, and the teaching style. Our teaching style is unique and interesting, it would not be like a boring session.

Our professional team has carved the lessons in a way that suits everyone to ensure that they learn the important skill of driving.

Why is it important to get driving lessons early?

It is important to book your driving lessons early so you have enough time to practice, and to get your Australian license. Driving in Australia is very disciplined, and it is important to follow the rules at all times. The more lessons you take, the more proficient you will be with your driving. Hence, it is always best to start as early as possible.

What will be the best batch to join for the driving lessons?

We have several batches that are handled by our professional driving instructors. Each team is responsible for providing the learners with a great learning experience. So depending upon your availability and time, we are happy to align the lessons for you.