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Things to Take Care of While Joining a Driving School in Sydney

Learning to drive can be a very exciting and thrilling experience for anyone as being in control of a vehicle is an experience of its kind. It offers a lot of freedom in so many aspects and more than anything gives a sense of confidence to be able to transport people or things from one place to another, independently. However, with this freedom comes a lot of responsibility which young and fresher-level drivers don’t realise as yet. Learners tend to be scared and constantly keep thinking of what the fellow drivers or the instructor must be thinking of them. All of these thoughts are baseless and can easily be tackled and replaced with reassurance when you choose a reliable and experienced driving instructor from a driving school.

Your first time riding a car on your own can be a daunting feeling but with some easy steps and tips handy, it can become a seamlessly enjoyable experience. Everyone has a unique start, but with the right instructor by your side and a little guidance on preparing for your first driving lesson, you will be good to go and learn pretty confidently. For this reason, we have compiled a list of things to take care of before going for your first driving lesson.

So, let’s drive straight into the driving lessons tips!

Get well-acquainted with the parts of a car

As for a basic pre-requisite, get yourself acquainted with the parts of a typical car. This could include the Brake and Accelerator pedals, Steering wheel, Rear and side mirrors, clutch pedals (if manual), Gear, Indicators and other buttons on the panel. This will make taking lessons easier and much simpler and easier to grasp. You can accompany someone who knows how to drive well and observe the operations.

Sleep, eat and hydrate well before the class

Not to sound very cheesy but these things matter a lot when you’re trying to learn and pick up a new skill. If you haven’t slept well the night before you will not wake up with a fresh mind that is ready to learn and grasp things. Similarly, without proper nutrition and hydration, you’d be feeling lethargic and won’t have sufficient energy to devote to learning how to drive properly. For all these reasons and more, have a good sleep, meal before your lessons and keep hydrating. You might want to carry your water bottle with you.

Wear proper clothing and footwear

Another very important element is wearing proper shoes and apparel that would assist in your movement. Wear footwear that will aid in having a proper grip over your brake and clutch pedals, like shoes and avoid heels at all costs. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and allow natural movement of your feet. Further, wear similar comfortable clothes in which you can move freely while reversing the car or recognising the blind spots.

Carry only the necessary stuff

You are required to carry your driving license at all times and if you are learning, your learner’s license. It is illegal to be found driving without your license and you can be charged for it. So have your license on you at all times without fail. However, various things are unnecessary to be carried for your driving lessons. This can include your phone or music devices, which will only distract you as you try to drive and pick up lessons that are so important. Plus, mobile phones are not just distractive but also dangerous and against the law.

Focus and follow the instructions

Initially, you might feel that focusing on so many things like the roads, gear and pedals along with the panels and road signs is difficult and tricky. However, as you follow the instructions of your instructor and focus on following them gradually you will easily be able to juggle between things. Before you know, it will go in your default system and you won’t even have to make a conscious effort for driving.

Relax and give it some time

More than anything, give it some time. Let the lessons naturally be imbibed and translate in your driving. Take every lesson one at a time and gradually level up. Know that being a little scared and finding it daunting to handle so many things at a time is normal and it will soon ease out as you move to taking more lessons and figuring it out yourself. Be relaxed as it will help you focus better and be patient. Just like you didn’t learn to walk in a day, likewise, it’s literally about driving another vehicle altogether, give it time!