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Driving School Sydney

he good old automobile, symbol of freedom the world over. Hop in and within a few hours you can be anywhere in the country. It’s how many of us commute to work, to school, or to whatever adventure we set our minds to. Everyone loves driving. So why should learning to drive be any different? Not at Galaxy Driving School Sydney. Here, a lifetime of confident driving begins with your first hour at the wheel. Rated as one of the best Sydney Driving School, we specialise in putting learner drivers – first-timers as well as people who’ve had bad experiences elsewhere – at their ease. If you’re feeling anxious about learning to drive, we’re here to show you that driving tests and Sydney Driving traffic are not as intimidating as they seem; and that you can navigate them in no time! Our Galaxy Driving School Sydney instructors have helped hundreds of students pass their driving test as well as learn advanced driving techniques. Our reassuring style sweeps away anxieties, eases frayed nerves, and lays the foundations for many years of safe driving.

Galaxy Driving School Sydney: ability based learning

One of the most frequently asked questions from prospective students here at Galaxy Driving School Sydney is “How long will it take to get my license?” The answer to that question is that it is completely dependent on your skills and learning ability. Here at Galaxy Driving School we understand that each student is different and learns at a different pace. We are here to provide you with top class instructors that can show you the safest, and most responsible ways to drive. Our instructors are patient and will adapt to your learning style and speed, and ensure that once you leave our care you are ready to pass that driving test! Our lessons usually last from about an hour and a half to two hours, and our helpful instructors will pick you up as well as drop you back off. In addition your instructor will fill in your log book. All of our instructors are accredited by the RTA so all lessons take place in dual controlled vehicles.

Galaxy Driving School: Safety first!

Here at Galaxy Driving School Sydney, safety is our number one priority. From our techniques to our instructors, to all of our content, we are committed to ensuring that our drivers are safe drivers. We do this because we know that safer drivers make safer streets which make safer communities. Not only that, we know that knowing safe driving techniques make our drivers more confident behind the wheel. If you would feel more confident in you own car or would rather use it for any other reason; our instructors are happy to teach you in that as long as it meets RTA standards. We offer this because we know that anything that can make you more confident behind the wheel will make you much safer on the road. Our courses are designed not only to ensure that you pass your driving exam, but to lay the bedrock for a lifetime of safe driving on the streets and highways of our fair nation.

The Test!

It’s the big moment that you have been waiting for, the culmination of all your hard work. The day of the big test is here. But while others around you have sweaty palms and are nervously tapping their feet. But not you. You are cool, calm, and collected. “How is this possible?” some may ask. It’s simple, the reason you are able to be so collected is because you know that you have been well prepared by our driving experts. Our instructors at Galaxy Driving School Sydney will ensure that you are well versed and well practised in all things driving so you can ace that test! In order to pass the written exam (aka the Driver Knowledge Test or DKT) you need to score a 41 out of 45. Just follow our trainers instructions and you can pass with flying colors. Our defensive driving techniques will allow for you to feel confident to also pass the practical driving test without fear or nervousness. Choose Galaxy Driving School for top class instructors to make sure you pass the test the first time!